Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hi there everyone,

Today was a big day. Paul continues to rest a lot and his pneumonia seems to be minimal. So two male nurses came and lifted Paul out of bed and into his wheelchair. We wheeled him into the kitchen where he sipped some broth and a little beer for around a half hour. That was clearly enough; as soon as he was back in bed he was sleeping soundly. We have wonderful caregivers who are professional, kind and good humored.

Love, Steph and Pam


  1. Thank You Stheph and Pam enjoy those great days !! Love to hear about it. Allllll my love to you.
    A big big warm hug and kisses. Send my love to the nurses also..

  2. Steph and Pam.
    Just stop here everyday so just decided to send LUV to you all.kiss kiss