Friday, May 7, 2010

Good morning all,

It has been a few days so I thought an update would be nice.

Paul remains mostly unchanged. The good news is he seems to have gotten over a cough that had developed last week. He sleeps a lot, is comfortable and still enjoys a little fun. Yesterday morning Pam peaked into his room and saw that Paul was awake with the covers pushed down to expose his stomach. She said, "good morning hon!" then went to his bedside and gave him a "razberry" which elicited a smile and chuckle....Life right now is calm, gentle and good.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.



  1. Step
    So good to hear his sense of humor.And to know that he is peaceful and life is calm .
    Take care and I'm always thinking about all..
    With all my love big hugs and kisses

  2. Thanks Steph... I appreciate knowing. Can relate so much to what you are going through right now... much love to you and Pam

  3. Today I breathe easier. I will forever believe that in his sleeping hours, he is living like Jean-Dominique Bauby. Dive Paul, and fly....Love to all at 743.