Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Solstice everyone!

The day after tomorrow is the shortest day of the year...

Paul has had a wonderful fall. After returning from Aspen he regained some strength and enthusiasm for living. He enjoyed visitors, watching the birds outside his window and basking in the mellowing sun in our backyard from time to time. Now the days have shortened, portending winter and a need to hibernate and Paul is feeling it too. He has returned to sleeping more and more and tires easily. As always he is not in pain and seems content.

We feel so fortunate that Paul has been able to remain at home surrounded by people who know and love him. We continue to enjoy and appreciate each day together.

My family, Garrett, Colin, Madelyn and I are in Claremont for the holidays with Paul and Pam. We are staying close to home, baking, watching movies, playing Paul's favorite music and hanging out.

On December 21st the sun begins a rebirth, returning to the Northern Hemisphere and lighting up our lives again. We hope you are also able to savor time with loved ones and welcome the lengthening days!


Stephanie and all


  1. Happy Happy Dec 21st!!! You message was incredible good vibes and peaceful Thank You a lot.. I open here every day and when you writte is a blessing Thank You!!!
    Happy for all of you that can enjoy Paul so much and be at his side!!!So have a Happy Happy holidays and I send all of you my deepest Love and affection
    Luv U All !!!

  2. I wish U alll a Great Great Christmas with alll my LOVE