Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well, today, Saturday Sept 18th we are back in Claremont. Paul's trip to Aspen is in the rear-view and it feels a little incredible that we pulled it off; and a little sad that it is over.

While in Aspen Dad really seemed to enjoy gazing at the beautiful fall colors and soaking up the warm mellow sunshine through the open orange doors a few feet from his bed, with Zorro keeping him company curled up between his legs. Paul slept most of Monday and Tuesday recovering from the party on Sunday, and unfortunately, he began to feel the effects of the high altitude. It was a good thing we were not staying any longer than one week. Wednesday evening, the night before leaving, was really special when Sandy and Mary Lynn Munro and Garrett (my husband) played guitar, upright base and autoharp for Paul. He would watch for awhile, then close his eyes and drift off for a bit, then contentedly watch again before dozing off once more...a very sweet send off!

Paul is very tired and sleeping a lot now, but hopefully fulfilled....

Steph and Pam


  1. What a beautiful Trip you and Pam arranged. It must have meant so much to him. Emotional on all levels. I am back from Jamaica so if you need me i am here for you.
    Love to you and Pam

  2. I can feel everything from your words. What an amazing beatiful trip to really keep it in your heart!!You really made me feel in it!!! I wish I was there... I remember when I was there with Paul and you. I miss you guys!!!
    Send my love and kiss Pam and Paul for me pleeeease !!!
    A big warm one for you !!